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Rila photography book Ogi Karam

Rila: Beauty and Mystic

There are several places on Earth, where Divine not only touches the World of Time and Space - our World, but keeps the connection alive. Rila Mountain in Bulgaria is one of those places where Nature manifests its Act of Creation in any form possible. However in my photography I decided to focus on 5 topics :

Sunrises, Water, Myst(eries) of Rila, Stones and Landscapes.

Human And Water

Every human being is born in water and needs it to survive, for he/she constitutes of water. Water is life and in many cultures it is also a symbol of femininity. Scientific research has proven that the water can feel and preserve information. Thus water is not simply a reflection of the appearance, it is one of the most incredible things, which we have on the Earth.

Human and Water book Ogi Karam photography
Ogi Karam Instagram photography 2012

Instagram photography 2012

Instant and Imaginative. More then 150 Photographs or moments of my life during 2012.

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Ogi Karam Instagram photography

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